Art Blogger Reveals Shock Marriage Plans!

grooming.jpg‘Men’s Grooming Studio’ ! What the?

Shame this new place in Wood St. isn’t open yet as I’m going to be a groom on Saturday so perhaps they can tell me how to go about it.

That’s right, things are going to be quiet on the blog this weekend as I am getting married.
I wish I could invite you all to the wedding but space is limited.

There will, of course, be a full report on the blog next week with lots of pictures which you may or may not find interesting, moving, maybe even artistic.

The honeymoon will have to wait till after the Biennial we’re far too busy to take an extended break just now.


  1. All the very best for Saturday Ian to you and
    Mina, good luck for the future.
    Hope you have a lovely day and the sun makes an appearance for you.
    From Carol & the Bluecoat Printmakers with many thanks again for your superb site.

  2. Hi Ian and Minako, Have a great day and day after and day after that and d…….have a great future together!! Sorry we can’t make it – we have to reherse our own! See you soon Craig and Joanne

  3. Congratulations,hope you have a great time on Saturday. Cheers and all the best for the future from Marie & Collidoscope Art group.

  4. Congratulations – and in future don’t walk into long standing independant city center card shops, scorn at the lack of selection of helium baloons and party goods while ignore the helpful sign that says “More designs .. just ask”

    -Seriously – congratulations and good luck!

  5. Gosh, never had so many comments before!
    Thank you all, please pray for better weather for us.

    Yes, Nia, although I’m normally very observant I am completely blind to shop signs. I don’t like them, I don’t want special offers, I just want good stuff at a reasonable price. Even if I had to move a huge sign saying ‘Buy One Get One Free’ (or BOGOF as they say now) out of the way to get at what I want, I still wouldn’t see what it said.
    Decided against helium balloons anyway, I’ll be busy tomorrow inflating the good old-fashioned burst-your-lung ones

  6. Ian and Minako. I hope you both have a beautiful day on Saturday, I wish you both the very best, for now, and the future.
    Michelle – faerywoods
    Pete and Alison will be there, I am working unfortunately x


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