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Art and Poetry Collaboration

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Collaboration of Performance and Poetry: Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney (Artist) and Andrew Taylor (Poet), 27 November 2006.

Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney (Visual/Performance Artist) and Andrew Taylor (Poet/Writer) are collaborating on a new series artwork. The objective of the research is on a mutual subject, which both artists in conjunction will produce performance images from Sweeney and prose from Taylor. There is proposed a secondary stage to the development of art and that is to enable audience members to contribute in a similar mode of expression. The live art collaboration is one set on the multi-disciplinary creativity of the two artists to present a hybridised art form.

Sweeney is a performance artist and graduate of Liverpool John Moores University, England, in 2002. She is currently on her doctorate and researching the body within contemporary arts, science and culture. Her art explores the temporality and spatiality of body politics within the postmodern environment and institutional structures.

She has performed and exhibited in an array of international events, such as the Liverpool Biennial, Venice Biennial, Performance Art Festival (US), Hong Kong Biennial and Berlin Kunst Salon. Her art is strongly founded on the canon and philosophy within the context of live performance interventions, as well as considering new and innovative modes of expression modified through digital technology and optical engineering. Other projects and commissions have been in London, New York, Paris, Copenhagen and many other places.

Although she pursues her independent practice in performance art, she is a strong advocate of contemporary art practice, creating projects for exchange and dialogue in the concepts and philosophies of postmodern art and society. To collaborate and share to realise new and diverse modes of thinking and creative expression in the international arts market.

She is also founder and Projects Co-ordinator of Gesquoi and TransVoyeur UK, both research and management programmes in arts and culture within the international market. She was also one of the original founders of the Whores of Babylon Arts Collective (UK).

Taylor is a poet and writer. His work published in many independent publications in England and abroad, such as Turn for Home, The Brodie Press, August 2003, Poetry and Skin Cream erbacce Press, December 2004 and Cathedral Poems Paula Brown Publishing, August 2005

His creative writing is not only explored in text, but presented at many live readings. He further explores the concepts of spatiality of text and written word in a visual art installation, which becomes interaction with audience members where they can contribute to work.

He has been featured in many publications and participated in large-scale poetry events nationally and internationally. His writing style is one abstract form, at times autobiographical, but these are residues of experience and memory deconstructed and reconstructed. He is currently finalising his PhD.

The current collaboration with Sweeney and Taylor is proposed to be exhibited early next year and further information will be available on this at

Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney (Artist)

Andrew Taylor (Poet/Writer)