Andrej Tisma exhibition at Shoreditch Gallery

andrej tismaAlthough not based in Liverpool. Andrej has links with the city through his work with the London Biennale – Museum MAN collaboration. Here is a review by John Byrum (American writer and curator) of his latest show in London’s Shoreditch Gallery.

Andrej Tisma – Advertising the Fight for Mental Survival / digital prints

Pin in the Inflated Bubble of Expectations
by John Byrum

The meanings of Andrej Tisma’s works reside and resound in the contrast between the perfection of the advertising image and the reality in which we actually live. Mr. Tisma would like us to be aware that these images exist to convince us to alter our behaviour, i.e., to purchase something which we might not have previously considered purchasing. Or, perhaps, more subtly, to act as yet another in a virtually endless string of such images that, taken in total over our lives, goes a long way toward influencing our thought, and circumscribing the possibilities of our thinking.

The advertiser must create a mythology of sorts, a visual mythology of perfection attainable through the product. Mr. Tisma undercuts that message by simply contrasting this false fable of fashion with the physical reality of the everyday, thus inserting a much-needed pin in the inflated bubble of our expectations. The point of his pin seems to be the contrast between the projection of an ideal, timeless, perfect product for consumption, with the everyday reality of decay and imperfection in which we actually live. Mr. Tisma’s collages thus lead us to discover interesting parallels between Platonic idealism and consumer advertising.

Mr. Tisma reminds us that decay and decomposition is inevitable. Timeless perfection is a chimera, all we can know is transformation.

And, didn’t we know this already anyway? Mr. Tisma’s works are here to remind us.

London show

These works will be on view in the London’s Shoreditch Gallery, 5 Hoxton Market – August 16th-31st 2006