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Adelphi Project – Laird Galbraith

From local artist Laird Galbraith…

‘Artist in Residence’, at the Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool.

I am currently working on a project for Liverpool’s Capital of Culture 2008. With the kind support of the management of the world famous Adelphi Hotel (originally built for the Titanic’s transatlantic passengers), I will be creating paintings reflecting the life and history of the hotel and it’s guests, both local and from around the world.
As the highly successful and entertaining BBC TV programme showed, this ‘life’ can often be rather ‘colourful’. However, with the residency project, I will still continue to develop the themes and issues which I have been exploring in recent years (full information and contact details can be found on my website).
This work will be more than simply, oil painted ‘fly on the wall’ documentation.

Anyone who has stayed at, or who intends to visit, the Adelphi, may like to consider contributing a photo to this 2008 Project.