‘A Selection of Our Work’ at EggSpace


Bit of a squash in Egg tonight as 5 artists, their teacher, friends and families mingled with the diners and a group of musicians playing bluegrass music.
All of the artists are part of Shorefields Evening Art Class, which is run by Judy Mazonowicz. They hold regular end of term or end of year exhibitions and have exhibited at St George’s Hall.

The 5 are:
Em Coombes, mixed media including flowers, leaves etc.
Margaret Young, landscapes and seascapes.
Sarah Milstead, Rothko-esque large red canvases
Dolores Seaton, Triptych of tree, bark and branches
Mary King, Native North American influenced collection of pictures, feathers etc. representing North, South, East and West.

Its a nice collection, well presented and organised.

‘HeadSpace @ EggSpace’ presents: ‘A Selection of Our Work’ : Shorefields Evening Art Class at EggSpace – May 15th – May 28th 2006