‘A Breath of Fresh Art’ at JMU

nicole terry daniel garrett

helen wherry phil jackson

This weeks show by 2nd year Fine Art students at 68 Hope St. is called ‘A Breath of Fresh Art’ and is another good one. There 7 artists again of various disciplines but all seemingly working well together. It finishes on Friday March 31st.
Nicole Terry (installation hanging like a mobile from the centre of the room, has many film references); Daniel Garrett (‘Who’s Invading Who?’ large work spread across 3 canvases, comment on war, east v west cultures etc.); Emily Mousdell (‘What Place is This and What Kind of People?’, large screenprint); Alison Drury (‘Holes’ video of storyboard drawings and ceramic figures, a work in progress, can’t wait to see the finished animation); Helen Wherry (‘Much Clown Love’, 2 portraits with clown masks, representation of the masks we use to hide our inner selves); Phil Jackson (Life Drawing details using acrylic pastels on card) and Harry Lawson (Black and white installations using mainly black tape stretched across corners)