100 Heads Thinking as One

Still 35 paintings to finish, I hope he makes it, maybe I should offer to lend a hand.

Daily Post…
100 great faces of Liverpool
Artist’s 800th birthday tribute to the city
by Jessica Shaughnessy, Liverpool Daily Post

ONE nurtured his love of the arts and another saved his eyesight. They are among 100 people who have touched artist Tony Brown’s life and have influenced his most ambitious project yet.

It’s called 100 Heads Thinking As One, an exhibition celebrating Liverpool life, and will be launched next year to mark the city’s 800th birthday.

Scores of portraits of people chosen for their individual strength and spirit will tour the most famous venues in Merseyside, including St George’s Hall, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Walker Art Gallery.

Some had a major impact on his life, like his wife Lorraine and four children, while others just crossed his path, but Mr Brown says each one is inspirational.