What Would You Do?

The Guardian today asked 50 leading arts figures what they would do for culture if they were running the next government.
The only Liverpool based person I could see was…

Deborah Aydon Executive director, Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse
My policy would be to make culture absolutely central to everyone’s life, and I would start at birth with something rather like the child’s trust fund. Every child would automatically receive a voucher to enjoy a piece of culture once a year, to be redeemed at the box offices or in the galleries. This would also encourage families to get involved with culture. And, of course, give us lots and lots more money.

But the best policy comes from…

British Sea Power Musicians
The government must lead by example. Tony Blair could be forced to reform his university rock band Ugly Rumours. Easy! People would pay top dollar to watch tuff-tit Tony do his Jagger routine in ballet tights and the kind of jacket worn by a street-fighting 18th-century turnpike warden. The idea could be extended to the other parties, too. So Michael Howard could proudly represent his Romanian roots by buying an accordion and doing some of the turbofolk and Gypsy techno that is real big in the east. Charles Kennedy could enjoy a few drams and strut and holler with the Proclaimers. Just one tour would provide enough cash for endless arts-for-the-people. Come on, government. Lead by example!