Friday, September 29, 2023
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Ruth Thomas at the Cornerstone

Another good exhibition at the Cornerstone Gallery which seems to be getting more popular as more people discover it (see the map on the artinliverpool webpage)
Ruth Thomas is based in North Wales, I’ll just quote her…
‘Found objects are important in my work, from gull’s feathers and the casts from sand worms collected on the beach, to the pine needles and grass used in more recent work. I collect these natural objects from the environment in which I live, in North Wales.
I like to make art from modest materials, for example, the grass that features in many of my prints is a plant that inspires little interest except as a surface to walk upon. The prints echo our efforts to manage nature. The grass, seed and worm cast are ordered on the printing plate just as the land is cultivated and controlled.’
They are mostly collagraph prints, so I learnt something new at the viewing last night, I wasn’t familiar with the term before. Ruth explains the method on her very nice website. The print pictured here is ‘Bark Circle’