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Russian Icons in the Modern World

Or to be more precise, they’re in the Hermitage gallery which is above St Petersburg Russian restaurant in York St. They’ve been created by Oleg Ikona, originally from the Ukraine who has received a hostile reception from the more conservative elements in his home country for daring to create icons that don’t conform to the old orthodox style.
But Oleg does use traditional methods, the pictures are beautifully painted in tempera, its just that some of the iconic figures are more contemporary (the Queen for instance) and he has added some modern technology, bits of plastic, microchips, cell phone and radio. They are all interactive, you press a button and see or hear what happens.

I found it interesting and entertaining then later I found myself enjoying more entertainment in the Jacaranda bar. A young Japanese woman called Yoko (not Ono) had come over from Tokyo and sang some Beatles songs. The audience which included Winnie the Pooh really appreciated it!

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