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Re-Opening of Museum MAN

As mentioned earlier, I spent the weekend re-building my computer but I took a short break on Saturday night to pop down to 48 Rodney St to witness the re-opening of Museum MAN. Some will remember that during the Biennial 2004 this was situated at 30 Falkner St in the ground floor flat with the spooky cellar. I didn’t stay long but international artist David Madella was there and has written a very nice review as follows….
“The opening of the new premises of MUSEUM MAN in Liverpool was a joyous and wonderful event. Last Friday, 4 March 2005, the morning after a party at the Working Men’s Club in Bethnal Green, where her artists-friends celebrated Polish artist Goshka Macuga’s beautiful exhibition at the Kate Macgarry Gallery in Shoreditch, Marko Stepanov gave Katie Sollohub and me a lift in his blue van to Liverpool.
We arrived in the early evening at no. 48 Rodney street, an elegant Georgian house in the centre of Liverpool. We were greeted upon arrival by Adam Nankervis who conducted us to the top floor of the house which are now the new premises of MUSEUM MAN. Marko, Katie and I were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the surroundings. We met Gordon Johnstone, a young Liverpudlian artist who has been helping Adam in setting up the works in the permanent collection of MUSEUM MAN. Also in Liverpool to participate in “Night Flight”, the inaugural exhibition curated by Adam Nankervis, were young Dutch artist Sebastiaan Schlicher who came from Amsterdam, young German artist Maximilian Sens who came from Berlin, and English artist Jill Rock who came from Chelsea, London.
The following day, during the opening, artists from all over Liverpool came to see the show which featured a diversity of excelleng paintings, drawings, collages and sculptures by, among others, James Moores, Nicole Mollett, Gary Sollars,Roberto Scala, Anthony Zych, Cyril Lepetit and many others, including superb art works by the LBAs visiiting Liverpool: Marko Stepanov, Katie Sollohub, Sebastian Schlicher, Jill Rock and Maximilian Sens.
There were videos by Anotnio Sassu and the Gruppo Sinestetico of Padova, Italy. Liverpudlian artist Mike Carney gave a splendid performance. Another Liverpudlian artist, Richard Wilke, recited a rap poem which he dedicated to the London Biennale artists visiting Liverpool. The group Crack Zombie played excellent music. We partied all night long and wished our other London Biennale artists-friends were there to celebrate the memorable occasion.
In the morning I looked joyfully from the balcony of the new premises of MUSEUM MAN across the rooftops of Liverpool, including the ruin of a neo-Gothic church, towards the building with the pair of Liver Birds in the distance. I hope to write a more detailed report about the new MUSEUM MAN, Adam Nankervis’ magical creation.”