RAW Explosion at Loop – Soon

On Saturday April 30th from 12.00 noon until 18.00 the Loop Gallery are presenting a live
event entitled RAW at 12 Princes Dock.
I met up with Loop Director Ian Johnson who gave me all the details of what sounds like a
really exciting ‘happening’.


“Its called RAW because thats what it is, its not polished.
It will be a spontaneous fusion of 5 artforms:
painting, photography, video, music and text all working off each other, creating an explosion of creativity.”

The Artists?

Glenn Humphrey will produce a large abstract painting
Music is provided by Frakture, the local free improvised music project
Barbara Jones will be photographing the event
Jason Thompson will be in charge of the video and
Julie Swallow will provide the textual element.”

Spontaneous Chaos

Its also the making of an exhibition, we’ll be going in with no idea of what the end result will be but at the end of the day there will be an exhibition in the room.
People will be seeing the exhibition unravel, even the curating by myself and Loop co-director Arthur Roberts, will be spontaneous. It could be pleasantly chaotic.”

The Exhibition

“Its a one day event followed by an exhibition of the day.
Everything has to be done in the 6 hour period from noon till 6pm, the painting will be hung, the photographs will be printed, the video on screen and the text on display somewhere.

The finished painting will later be donated to be displayed in the lobby of the 12 Princes Dock building that has been Loop’s home since the start of the Biennial last year.

The event will be free, the public are welcome to just come and go or stay for the whole thing. There will be a reception at 7pm

The Monday is a Bank Holiday so it will be open to the public from the Tuesday 3rd until Saturday 7th May.
It may be extended depending on how soon we have to vacate the building for the new tennants.”


“We are taking a bit of a risk with Loop Gallery’s reputation here because the whole day and the end result could be a great success or possibly a failure with no in-between.
But if you don’t take chances…”

The Future?

“We are still thinking about future plans, it may be that Loop concentrate exclusively on large, quality exhibitions for future Biennials.”