Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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I saw in the New Year at a party in a Greek Taverna in Hardman St. There were Greek themed murals on the walls and other artwork of a Greek flavour dotted around. It occured to me that I may be the only person who actually looks at this stuff. I was in a restaurant a few weeks ago and while the rest of the party were studying the menus I was wondering around, leaning across diners to get a close look at the rather good abstract canvases. I couldn’t make out who the artist was. I am reminded of Julie Jones’ story of how thrilled she was to receive a commission from a local architect for a large painting for a new restaurant. She imagined it would hanging in one of the trendy places in Liverpool City Centre. It turned out to be for Wetherspoons in Wallasey. Ah well, better than nothing, I suppose.
Next time you’re in a bar/restaurant please take a minute to see whats on the walls, there really is some interesting stuff out there.