Postcard from Venice

Adam from MAN Museum is at the Venice Biennale at the moment. How is it all these artists are travelling to lovely places while I’m stuck here reporting on the same old places all the time?
He’s sent this message in his own inimitable writing style…

DEARLY beloved
we are gathered here today to………
blind ourselves again with notes from a beyond!
mine is on the grand canal of Venice, bopping on a barge with Moma radios gossip hour-performance artists, two men having sex in the Bed+breakfast Gallery last night(wish you were here!), a man crawling on hands and knees offerring to suck womens toes,and my sight-not of gossip-in this mornings early morning mist, was a yellow trickle of pee that took the shape of the Italian boot flowing from the wall of my hotel. Now is that a fair assessment of whats going on here?No……..but hey-its early.
Foreign Investment did a stunning intervention during the bienniale symposium yesterday,and a weary duo-the globe trotting girls retired for a well deserved apparetif at a caff outside the Arsenale.
Man flyers selectively given by Miss Rock. A bow!
Bjork dj-ed last night at the Iceladic Pavillion-party!
tonight i have my own room!SOLO!Jill has found a bed with Robbie K so no more splitting a single!
This morning a proper tour of the Arsenale-allot of retro-80s-Guerilla Girlz NY,Leigh Bowery,another bore of a Jimmy Durham-warum?and a few triggers of hope and delight.
Meeting some wonderful folks-Ricky De Marko,Christina Moceri,Frua Lienz at Freize-and tomorrow night(Dave dont GULP!-drinks at the pied a terre of Jane England).
Fabio-a Carravagio Bacchus (i kid you not)is helping install MAN and coming to do an exhibition in Liverpool,my aide de camp!
Mille Bacci รก Venezia!