Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Poetry, Unity and Everyman

I called in at the Unity Theatre to buy my ticket for Aisle 16’s ‘Powerpoint Version 2’ show on March 17th (recommended) and had a look at the artwork by Michael Pace-Sigge and Claire Stringer
Claire graduated in 2001 and has been exhibiting round Liverpool for a couple of years. Her work ‘is inspired by energy, music and the tensions between chaos and order’ and you can see that in the pictures I think. I like the one pictured here called ‘Base Line’. There’s lots more on her website. I wasn’t so keen on some that had printed pages of books stuck to the canvas and painted over, poor books.

cathedralentrance-s.jpgMichael is German-born and Liverpool-based. These are photographs, mostly of local scenes, that have been digitaly manipulated. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Mostly it doesn’t here, in my opinion. But Michael has more pictures on display in the Everyman Bistro, 3rd room which I prefer, mostly musical instruments from unusual angles (and, again, there’s lots more to see on his website). These are part of the dot-art exhibition that’s been here for a while. Like I keep saying, remember to look at the artwork on the walls whenever you’re in a pub/club/restaurant.