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Mark Wallinger Talk

I went to the Mark Wallinger talk at Liverpool Tate last night. As people were taking their seats, ‘Hymn’ (1997) was being played on the screen. Mark said a few words about that and then showed slides of the ‘Ecce Homo’ work that was on Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth in 1999. We then had a sort of in converstion thing with Pete Clarke, senior Fine Arts Lecturer at Uni of Central Lancs as well as questions from the audience.
We also saw the ‘Angel’ video and Mark explained how it took 3 months to learn how to recite the ‘In the beginning was the Word…’ verses in reverse. He still remembers some of it. ‘Prometheus’ (1999) was also shown and we finished off watching ‘Threshold to the Kingdom’ (2000).
This talk was related to the ‘Seeing is Believing’ exhibition at the Tate so the focus was on the artist’s religion-related work there was a lot of discussion about faith/religion. Still, it was an interesting and at times amusing evening.