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buenavista.jpgIts Brain Injuries Awareness Week this week. ‘Making Sense – The Hidden Face of Brain Injury’ opened at the Conservation Centre on Saturday. Its a collaborative arts project with the Brain Injury Centre, Liverpool and TAG (The Artists Group) based in the Bridewell Studios in Liverpool.
On the mezzanine floor there are about a dozen canvases of uniform size (about 80cm sq. I guess) with acrylic paintings. The one pictured here, ‘Buena Vista 2’ grabbed my attention.
On the upper floor there’s some more acrylics, some 3D figurative models a very nice collection of smaller mono-type prints, a slide show and coloured photographic prints. I read in the (free) colour brochure that the photographs were shot on black & white film with the colours being applied later to the enlarged prints using chemical effects with toners and dyes – interesting!
The TAG artists, Steve Rooney and Sue Williams worked with the Brain Injuries Rehab Unit and NHS Carers to run over 30 workshops with up to 30 participants.
‘Making Sense aims to promote understanding about the nature of brain injury and the plight of those affected’
Well, for me anyway, its mission accomplished and I enjoyed the artwork too of course. Finishes on May 15th.
Artists/Participants: Gillian Caryl, Michael Cheeseman, Ron Cheevers, Eddie Clayton, Philip Brunston, Ashley Deam, Vivienne Disley, Ed Doyle, Mark Dunne, Tony Furlong, Bernie Gardner, Tony Houghton, Brian Jones, Billy McDonald, John McGregor, Mark McInerney, Ken McKevitt, Alan Mackay, Joe Martin, Dave Morrey, Michelle Murphy, John Nichols, Colin Parr, Ray Parry, Bernard Peers, Joe Prendergast, George Scully, Paul Sealeaf, Jenny Stringman.
Laura Davis has written a good feature on this in the Daily Post

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