Insider Art at the Cornerstone

Now this is an interesting one, you got to go and see this. Walton prison is huge, biggest in Europe I think and therefore has a large full time education department. This is an exhibition of just some of the recent art produced by the inmates who enroled for the art classes.
Some of its very expressive (not afraid to break the rules, perhaps) others are very formal and detailed (obsessive maybe) but there I go, trying to guess the personalities by their paintings. Who is the more worthy artist? Monet in his garden doing impressions of water lillies or the guy in his cell with no formal training lovingly painting a portrait to remind himself of his family and friends or making cards to send out to them.
Many students gain certificates from the Open College Network for their portfolios.
Sorry this picture I took is rather poor, too many reflections. The gallery may send me some better ones.
They’ve sent me more information about whole thing which you can read here.

At the Cornerstone Gallery (Hope Uni) until May 6th