Sunday, December 10, 2023
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I Need Skates

I went to four galleries last evening, attending three private viewings in two hours but managed only four glasses of wine. It was all reminiscent of the early days of the last Biennial. I’ll post more details of the exhibitions later. I started at the Cornerstone to see the works by HMP Liverpool inmates, some really good stuff, I recommend it. Then onto Liverpool University Senate House for the Alumni exhibition of works by past art students in conjunction with John Moores Uni. Half of it is at 68 Hope St., I’ll go there another day.
Then it was a run down the hill to Open Eye to catch the Jerwood Photography show. Good to see all three places were buzzing, good attendances and lots of familiar faces.
After that I chilled out with friends at a Mellow Tones music gig at the View Two gallery. Did I review the Matt Wilde exhibition at View Two? Don’t think I did! Its really good anyway.
I have no idea who this tall handsome bloke in black is at the Cornerstone.