Hope Uni Degree Show

I went to the viewing of the Liverpool Hope University Fine Art & Design Degree show last Friday at the Cornerstone building. I arrived late so missed the speeches and prize givings and, worst of all, the drinks! There’s lots to see, ceramics, textiles, fashion, design, sculpture, painting etc. I had trouble finding the paintings which are at the end of a corridor on the 2nd floor.
The students have come up with some great ideas and put a hell of a lot of effort into the creation and display of their works. Here are just a few of the cards I picked up.
Do try and call in this week, the show ends on Friday June 3rd.


  1. (dont know how this works, dont really care that much)

    BUT: to “Ian Jackson” about the anti-graffiti thing.

    in my own words. “graff-art is a culture, people get together and discuss ways to improve their styles and such. They ARE artists, and just because their canvas’ are city walls and buildings, doesnt make it any different. Its illegal, and if you get caught, TS. But to be honest, most “spray-can artists” who design your streets, are better than most other artists in the world, so take into consideration how much time and effort goes into planning something like this. remember, a culture, not a cult.

    Pacifist hatred demeans yourself, idiot.


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