Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Face of Liverpool

Not a good start to the day. They’re building a new doorway at the rear of FACT and the workers were determined to make as much noise as possible, ruining my routine coffee break. Decided it was about time I had a look at the Grosvenor Paradise Project HQ in Lord St. it was starting to rain and the place had closed for lunch! Oh well, plenty more to see.

The ‘Face of Liverpool’ project was officialy opened last week. I’d seen most of it a few months ago before it was completed. This is in the area outside the Radisson SAS hotel and the new passport offices in Old Hall Street and features the images of 32 Liverpool residents who have moved to the city from a different country or whose direct ancestors did so during the last 200 years. It makes this boring old business area a bit more interesting.

Since I was in the area, I called into the Loop gallery in Princes dock to take another look at Arthur Roberts exhibition as it was due to finish on Saturday. The artist was there and told me that it will now be extended until sometime next month.

After a bracing walk along the prom I took a quick look at the painted model boats in the Museum of Liverpool Life. This is called ‘Chinese Memory Lines’ and features 100 small boats created by the Chinese communities for the Year of the Sea. All the boats are the same, just painted differently and some of the more inventive ones have added sails or rigging.

Then called at the Tate, of course, I find it impossible to just walk past that place. The new cafe is nearly ready but still enjoyed a quieter break in the temporary space.
Walking back through town the Paradise Project HQ was open so had a look. Apart from the huge model of the plan there’s some interesting items there. There’s a glass case with just a few of smaller items they’ve found during the dig. There’s a lot more info on the website now.