Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Domino Gallery – Group Exhibition

dominoart.jpgTook my coffee at the Green Fish Cafe in Upper Newington this morning. Its a nice little vegetarian / vegan place thats only open during the day. Its also the home of the Domino gallery where a new exhibition has just opened.
There are still some of Laura Poole’s ceramics from the previous exhibition in the display cabinets. On the walls are abstracts by Deborah Butler mostly redish hues. I like John Sutherst’s figurative pastels (I’m a sucker for pastels), he also has a couple of large bright blue/orange canvases. Also in the blue corner are Jason Jones atmospheric blue/grey pieces which are also nicely framed. Different again are Clare Chinnery’s colourful works. Very pleasant and just as I was leaving Stan the Harper started playing, I think he’s there every Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes. Lovely.