Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Dancing with an Inflatable Sofa!

Just to reassure readers that I don’t spend all my time in galleries, I also find time for Films, Poetry readings (esp. Fiction@FACT), Theatre and Dance. I Am Culture. So I was at the Unity theatre last night for one of the Leap Dance Festival shows. I love contemporary dance and you know I like weird stuff so I particularly enjoyed the performance by Aline Nari from Genova which included the male dancer carrying the female around (as they do) but she was wearing big red boxing gloves and carrying a bright pink inflatable sofa! Not forgetting the large birthday cake which doubled as a hat. Great stuff.
Of course, while I was there I had a look at Diana Krilova’s exhibition. There aren’t many pieces but she seems to have chosen one of each medium to display. So there’s oil on canvas (ok there’s more than one of them), oil on paper, crayon, ink on paper, watercolour etc. Quite nice but I’d like more info and more pictures.