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Craft and Crumb in London

craftcouncil.jpgI spent the whole of Saturday with my daughter visiting galleries in London. Starting with the ‘Knit 2 Together’ at the Craft Council. Some amazing work here, all knitted, very skillful.
Then across to the Whitechapel Gallery for the Robert Crumb exhibition. It was very busy here (it finishes next week) and a few people insisted on standing close up to every single work to read the whole cartoon, they’re probably still there now! It was good to see so many original drawings, you get a better appreciation of the skill involved. There’s an area where visitors can do their own drawings inspired by Crumb. Someone had drawn 3 pages full of amazing stuff, naturally someone else had scrawled ‘fucking show off!’ on it, hehe.

In Princelet St, off Brick Lane there’s Fordham. Here we found an exhibition called ‘Illumination’
‘The exhibition presents work by six artists from different cultural backgrounds (Japan, UK and Israel) exploring the universal themes of light and dark with emphasis on the importance of darkness as investigated in the seminal Japanese text, In Praise of Shadows (1933) by Junichiro Tanizaki.’
It was a nice little exhibition.

Next we went up to Bethnal Green area to meet up with Daisy Delaney and friends. Daisy was in Liverpool for the biennial when she was installing small windmills on vacant posts around the city. It was good to see her studio and catch up with her latest plans.

We all went to a private view at Hotel and then another at the Approach. The Approach is a pub with a gallery on the first floor. Its a thought provoking exhibition of works by Evan Holloway entitled ‘Analog Counterrevolution’. Its handy having the bar downstairs, we were able to spend the rest of the evening discussing the artwork over a pint or two.