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Colin Reid at Urban Coffee

sun-loungers (click to enlarge)Apologies for last night’s private viewing at L.Issue – Urban Coffee not being in my listings, I only found out about it at the last minute, tut-tut.
Colin Reid graduated a few years but these are all works produced in the last year or so and he’s been quite prolific. ‘Where to Draw the Line?’ is a collection of 25 memories. Colin says
‘The images I paint are incomplete, ‘unfinished’, suggestions of an insignificant event which has passed unnoticed or cannot be fully recalled’
He starts with a negative print of the scene to form the basic drawing then gets to work with the brush strokes, from a distance they may look like screen prints but as you get closer you see the brushwork.
I like them, there’s a nice feel to them, simple but atmospheric.
Ends Aug 5th.