Monday, December 4, 2023
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Cinema on a Ship

I always find Valentine’s day amusing. Apart from the silly idea that you need a special day for being loving its the one day of the year when you can see loads of big macho men walking around grasping bunches of flowers still trying to look cool. Here’s something I haven’t seen before though, an evening of short films curated by the Montreal-based curator Astria Suparak on board a former Norwegian ferry ‘Fitzcarraldo’ moored in Canning Dock and now known as ‘Walk the Plank’. The films were followed by music and dance organised by ‘Evol’.
The film show ‘Lets Get Tested’ is part of the ‘Seen’ at FACT series, normally hosted on Wednesdays at FACT. Micheal Conor and the other FACT staff did a great job in organising this, its not an easy venue and it was really cold. They even layed on some pans of scouse to warm people up. I’m too used to my luxuries now like indoor toilets! You had to go back onshore and use the porterloos here. And I find all those steep narrow steps a bit scarey. Its was good fun but I didn’t hang around too long.

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