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Calling All Collectors

Sadly its not really Art Collectors but collectors of old junk (imho) they’re looking for. Might be fun all the same. I’ll dig out my collection of old shoelaces.
From the Maritime Museum website

‘Objects of Desire’ event to focus on local collectors
Collectors of all ages are wanted for an event called Objects of Desire at the Merseyside Maritime Museum between 1300 and 1600 hours on both Saturday and Sunday 7 and 8 May 2005.

They are invited to display their collections – adults on the Saturday and children under 18 on the Sunday. Prizes will be awarded to the children and young people considered the top collectors and for best collections.

The free event is based on the theme for Museums and Galleries Month throughout May – Objects of Desire: The Art of Collecting.

Mike Graham, of National Museums Liverpool’s Learning division, says:

“Each collector will be loaned a six-foot table to display their collections. We are not looking for vast and expensive collections but those with more of an eccentric or ‘magpie’ bent. We are specifically looking for themes like match boxes, Dinky Toys, postcards and comics – the more way out, the better! We are asking the collectors to stay with their collections and talk about them with visitors.

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