Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Ben Zuhlcke at Urban Coffee

Photographer Ben Zuhlcke was born in Berlin but has been living and exhibiting in Liverpool for a while now. These are recent pictures of Liverpool people in the streets or bars or wherever. I think you need to study them for a while, there’s more to them than you might think at first glance. To quote Ben…
‘Captured in a series of portraits and still frames, the apprehended gestures allow an abundance of readings’

Interspersed with Bens works are some large scale monochrome prints by Robert Howie Smith (bluehouseart.org.uk) who is probabl best known for his pictures of wolves that were on show during the Biennial. These are not wolves though but bleak or possibly romantic landscapes…
‘The technique of creating an inter-negative (a 5×4 inch negative from original 35mm) on a graphics panochromatic film is currently undergoing continued experimentation. Creating the enlarged negative allows images to be printed at a size of 30×36 inch’
I have no idea what all that means but you can certainly see that something unusual has gone on here.

At Urban Coffee 349 Smithdown Road until May 29th – well worth a visit, the coffee and cheesecake are good too.