BCN Jewellery Factory at Bluecoat

The days go by so quick! I went to the private view of this show at the Bluecoat Display Centre on April 29th, ages ago! I know nothing about jewellery, never even wore a wedding ring, but you don’t need to be a wearer to admire these beautiful creations. I can’t imagine people wearing most of them anyway, they’re more like ornaments which are too large or delicate or, lets face it, inappropriate for adorning the person. Lovely, skilled works, try and see them before the show finishes on May 21st.

‘This exhibition involves 11 progressive Catalan trained jewellery artists from Barcelona, Spain who have been brought together by Sarah O’Hana, Xavier Ines Monclús and Mònica Gaspar.
The internationally renowned artists exhibiting here form a rich and thought provoking show, and their work is inspired by many concerns including regeneration and urban renewel. The curators feel that it draws many parallels between post industrial cites such as Barcelona and Liverpool, and offers a rare opportunity to view avant garde work of this nature.’


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