And Sibelius Hits Liverpool 1

I went to Church last night. Shock, Horror! Don’t worry, I was there to watch a film. This interesting building in Park Lane is the Swedish Church which now welcomes all Scandinavians to their social & religious events. There’s coffee mornings, language lessons, internet access etc. and a monthly film night which is organised by Sirpa Simonen-Peck under the LiNCinema banner. Last night it was Sibelius (Timo Koivusalo 2003) and I really enjoyed it. I’m ignorant of the political history of the region, there was obvious tension with neighbours, especially Russia at times. They had to rename Finlandia as Fantasia for a while.
Its a fairly typical church hall, hard wooden seats obligatory, there was quite a good crowd there and drinks and cake were available.
The current season has finished but will restart in the Autumn and I’ll post details on the listings page.