Friday, December 1, 2023
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60 Hope St, 3 Graces and Numerous Paintings

A new experience for me I think. Last night Alex Corina’s latest work ‘The Three Graces’ was ‘unveiled’ in the downstairs bistro at 60 Hope St. I’ve been to loads of openings and viewings but not an unveiling and it wasn’t actually veiled so we pretended we couldn’t see it while Joe Riley the Echo arts critic made his speech.
This is quite a substantial collection of Alex’s work managed by the local art agency Dot-art, mostly mixed media, originals and prints including his famous Mona Lennon and other reworkings of old familiar images.

Now, of course, the buildings on the waterfront are referred to as the 3 graces but the original graces or ‘Charites’ were daughters of Zeus, goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility. They were great lovers of beauty and gave humans talents in the arts, closely associated with the Muses.
Alex’s version is taken from various sources, we have a Canaletto sky, the Albert Dock and our ‘3 graces’ in the background and in the foreground are 3 of the 4 female figures from Albert Moore’s ‘A Summer Night’ which is in the Walker. Its well put together and quite amusing. You can, of course, see more on his website and dot-art’s website but the best place to view for the next three months is 60 Hope St. The works are for sale and seem resonably priced to me.
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