18th September, 2004 – 20th

18th September, 2004 – 20th September, 2004

3pm – 6pm

I am in a wedding dress, distributing handbills to find husbands and wives. I sing Love Me Tender for each candidate. If they want to marry me, we complete a wedding ceremony, with declarations, signing our names and photographs etc. Your chance to get hooked and hitched in one of Tsuneko Taniuchi’s acclaimed Micro-events.

In front of St Peter’s Church

So I turn up at 16.30 ish on 20th wearing me best clobber and all nervous with anticipation and the bride doesn’t show! Maybe it was the lousy weather or maybe she saw me coming and hitched up her wedding dress and ran as fast as her legs could carry her in the opposite direction.

Ah well, maybe she’ll be back in 2 years time. I will wait for you my lovely. (There’s a thought. Wonder what she looks like)