VIEWING: Love Letters by Brenda Sharp

THURSDAY 14 July 17-19.30 for ‘Coffee and Cakes’ at The Conservatory, Blackburne House. ‘Love Letters’ by Brenda Sharp

Exhibition: 2 – 28 July 2011

Love Letters is a solo photographic exhibition by Brenda Sharp that celebrates the beauty in the decaying and discarded. There are two strands to the exhibition. The first is photographs from a body of work entitled Jims Yard, which were taken over a period of several years documenting the fascinating assorted contents of a junk yard. The second takes fragments from this body of work and presents them in a mixed media format to highlight the intimate details of the insignificant; the textures, stains and patina that record the passage of time.

Blackburne House, Off Hope Street, Liverpool, L8 7PE