Various Venues – Found A Pound

Found-a-PoundIndependents-short-100  City-wide 18 September – 24 November 2010
There will be pound coins hidden in the galleries of Liverpool. Found a Pound is a creative treasure hunt to find hundreds or maybe thousands of £1 coins hidden in the art galleries and public spaces of Liverpool during the 2010 Biennial.

Artist: Rowan Seddon-Harvey
The process is started by the gift of a pound. £1 coins will be distributed (sometimes slightly hidden) across Liverpool during the 2010 Biennial in art galleries, public spaces and on the street.

Each pound will have a sticker counting text or an image with the words It is then down to the individual who found that pound to either look up the web site or simply enjoy the luck of finding a pound

The project aims to encourage giving and we will start the process by giving to you, British £1 coins, all you have to do is find them.

Why a pound? Nearly a quarter of the worlds population lives on a pound a day or less. Spend your pound on anything at all, a cup of tea, a bar of chocolate or drop it in the hat of a busker. Although it’s just small change, you could use it to make a bigger change.

Part of Liverpool Independents Biennial