TALK: The Collectors Salon at A Foundation

derek-holden-100FRIDAY 9 April 12.00 – 14.30 at A Foundation
The Collectors Salon is an opportunity to explore issues that seem to define the current markets in contemporary art in the aftermath of the economic crisis but perhaps more significantly in a world still bound to complex ideological spectres and confused about who should collect art.

Mark Waugh, Executive Director A Foundation
, will chair the panels.

Part 1 – Collecting across a new Europe.

Since the fall of the Berlin wall a series of political and social tremors have transformed the cultural ecology of Europe. One sign of these changes has been the emergence of new cultural models around the collection of art. We have seen both new private collections fuelled by emerging commercial markets and also a shift in state policy to the development of national collections of contemporary art. Our panel will
discuss this new landscape.

Salon participants:
Johann Novack, DNA Galerie, Berlin
Anna-Catherine Gebbers, free-lance curator, Berlin
Mariana Vassileva, artist living in Berlin
Magda Radu curator at The National Museum of Contemporary Art,
Marian Ivan, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest

Part 2 – Collecting, a passionate commitment?

Since 1910 The Contemporary Art Society has worked to support the development of public and private collections in the UK.

It has helped define the purchasing capacity of public galleries and in particular regional collections. It has also helped to nurture a new generations of collectors, advising and introducing them to artists and fostering a national interest in buying from living artists. This provision is perhaps unique to the UK but what other models are merging to promote and facilitate contemporary collections? This panel will discuss the relationship between curators, artists, collectors, gallerists and the work of art.

Salon Participants:
Paul Hobson, Contemporary Art Society, London
Tim Eastop, The Collective, London
Eric Bainbridge, artist, London and Sunderland
Leila Aitken, Ceri Hand, Liverpool

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