TALK: Artist’s talk by Martin Greenland

Martin-Greenland-Emmanuels-Land-100Independents-short-100 TUESDAY 9 November, 13.00 in the Grace Room within the Cornerstone Building
Martin Greenland, winner of the John Moores 2006 Painting Prize, will be providing a unique insight into his practice talking about ‘New Fiction’, his latest exhibition at the Cornerstone Gallery. The talk is a free event for those wanting to attend.
‘New Fiction’is a delicate balance between the believable, based upon what is seen, and the unbelievable, the unseen. This balance is negotiated through an appreciation of physical beauty, the technical craft of paint and the concept.Greenland’s works are ‘inspired’ by landscape translated from visual stimuli often gained whilst walking. He does not paint the places or landscapes he encounters, but paints about them whilst retaining visual references and elements rooted in the real world. The process of painting infused by such visual imagery, memory and imagination evolves into a visual and conceptual impression unique to Greenland.

Since winning the highly acclaimed National John Moores Painting Prize in 2006, Greenland has continued to exhibit extensively throughout the UK and is now enjoying new successes internationally.

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