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Reality Removed: Call for Submissions, World of Glass

DEADLINE: 23rd February 2017

Featured Artist: Liz Wewiora, Culture Shifts

Liz Wewiora: Culture Shifts is here to help us work out how we might best do this, but not by working just as lone image makers, but together as visual collaborators.

World of Glass: Drunk Wolf ‘St Helens Goes Pop!’ Exhibition

Saturday 30 April – Friday 3 June 2016. With a heavy dose of St Helens influence, featuring people and places from past and present. There'll be a peek at Drunk Wolf's creative process, a sneaky preview of another show their working on and a few observational pieces thrown into the mix.

Home Sweet Home at the World of Glass

An interesting exhibition in St Helens. We had a mangle like that when I was a lad, I can still remember how it felt...

Mosaic Wonderland: Debbie Ryan at World of Glass

Been a while since we've visited St Helens. At World of Glass, Tony Ganer's exhibition ends today. To be followed next week by Debbie...

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