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With These Walls We Are Shaped – Wolstenholme

An excellent exhibition at Wolstenholme Creative Space ends on Sunday 28 November along with the rest of the Biennial but they're staying open a...

Stage One: The Drawing House at Wolstenholme Sq.

Another very short but very good exhibition at 11 Wolstenholme Square celebrates drawing. Its a group show with some of the artists being recent...

Artwork of the Week – Two Opinions

Liverpool artwork of the week 2009-33. 'Two Opinions' by Emma Kemp and Christopher Murray in 'Black and White in the Grey Area' at Wolstenholme...

Interzone at Wolstenholme Projects

Really enjoyed this exhibition. Ends tomorrow, take a look if you can. Interzone 7 - 22 March 2009, Opening hours Fri - Sun 12.00-18.00 In July 2008,...

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