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Mersey Ferries celebrated in latest exhibition by photographer, Pete Carr

This exhibition features 31 previously unseen photographs by Pete Carr from his ongoing project to document his regular commute on the Mersey Ferries. While rush...

Review: Respect, part of Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2016

Respect, part of Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2016 Unit 51 For the second year running, Unit 51 was host to the exhibition of World Mental Health...

Merseyside artists exhibit for Liverpool Mental Health Festival

Launching on 7th October at Unit 51 and on 10th October (World Mental Health Day), at Constellations, the exhibition will be on show until Sunday 16th October.
Outsiders View by Henry Woodley at Unit 51

Review: Outsiders View: Photographs of Japan – Henry Woodley at Unit 51

In Outsiders View, Woodley seeks to capture the varied cultural shifts happening today in Japan, and what we are given is a summary of very human, very modern relationships touching on tradition and contemporary influences.
Outsiders View. Cheeky Girl - Henry Woodley

Unit 51: Outsiders View – Photographs of Japan by Henry Woodley

Saturday 16 January 2016 - Saturday 13 February 2016. A subjective view of contemporary Japan looking at the world as a ‘gaijin’ or ‘outsider’ and how this beautiful country can change from the serene islands of Miyake-jima to the neon inner city of Tokyo.
Lost Child by Maggie Hilditch - Superhuman 2015

Review: SUPERHUMAN – Artists examine the Christmas narrative at Unit 51

SUPERHUMAN is a wide ranging examination of the concept of Christmas. It transcends various Christian narratives, with opinions formed on multiple continents, and work that in some cases ignores Christianity entirely.

Unit 51: ‘Superhuman’ – Artists examine the Christmas narrative

Saturday 19 December 2015 until New Year 2016. A public exhibition exploring the Christmas concept of god becoming human. Artists examine the Christmas narrative.

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