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Review: MINUS at Tate Liverpool (an exhibition that never happened)

The review I could have written. The exhibition didn’t happen though. On 13th July 2017, The Serving Library presented what it called ‘Liverpool minus Francesco Manacorda’

Review: Keywords for Dummies: Intellectual Property

The first of a new series of discursive talks, titled Keywords for Dummies, posed a very large question: What is Intellectual Property? And, why should the creative industries care?

Interview with The Serving Library’s Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey for Art in Liverpool

If you are looking for a quick read, try the shortened version of events here. The interview that follows is with Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey no behalf...

Featured Artist: Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey & The Serving Library

Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey & The Serving Library Interview, Patrick Kirk-Smith Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, co-founder of Dot Dot Dot, Dexter Sinister and The Serving Library moved to Liverpool and...

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