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SOUP Collective postcards at Roadworks

Review: Postcard Auction: Soup Collective at Roadworks

As the name implies this is a mixed collective, and the exhibition hasn’t strayed far from the mark, taking the visitor on a very short journey of theme and technique, both experimental and established.

A Treasure Hunt, pieces of eight, and a chance to capture the artist-led Soup...

Words by Deborah Laing The Soup Collective was set up in 2001 as an independent artist network. The use of the noun ‘Soup’ was inspired...

More Liverpool Artists Abroad – SOUP in Norway

Great to see that despite the economic climate international artistic collaboration and exchange continues. Trade small projects Grønnegata 23, 9008, Tromsø Norway 12 -26 March 2011 After the recent collaboration at...

State of Perception at METAL

The Soup Collective: State of Perception At METAL at Edge Hill Station 4 - 26 February 2011 This fine exhibition at Metal ends this Saturday -...

Please Send a Postcard to METAL

From Wendy Williams of the SOUP Collective who are exhibiting at METAL in February... Can anyone please help with a travel project  request ? As part...

Soup at Egg

This fine show at Egg ends on 31 October. Compared to most recent shows at Egg which have crammed in over 100 pieces, this...

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