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Review: Portals to Uncertainty, Road Studios

Portals to Uncertainty Road Studios, 16th-23rd June 2017 Words, Kirsten Hawkins Portals to Uncertainty concentrates on the eerie side of our every day, that doubt you experience when...

Review: Time Slips Away, at Road Studios

Time Slips Away, Road Studios, LightNight 2017 Words, Kirsten Hawkins For the third year in a row, Road Studios has hosted an exhibition as part of Light...

Review: The Female Gaze: Elizabeth Brownsword and Lois Tierney

The Female Gaze: Elizabeth Brownsword and Lois Tierney ROAD Studios, until Sunday 29th January 2017 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith A studio gallery on the top floor of a listed building,...

What to expect from 2017

2017 in brief Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith A year of anniversaries, archives, discovery and invention. Liverpool is going to be nothing but loud through 2017 where it...

Call for project and exhibition proposals: Road Studios

DEADLINE: 3rd October 2016

Review: Gender Dilemmas: Amanda Marie Atkinson at Road Studios

Gender Dilemmas: Amanda Marie Atkinson Roadworks, Road Studios Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Pictures, Tony Knox Far from defiant, Amanda Marie-Atkinson’s, Gender Dilemmas is a research-led positioning of an indisputable...

Review: Remnants at Road Studios

Their exhibitions are quietly maintaining the pace of the Biennial, and making our website look more alive
Roadworks Gallery

Roadworks: ‘Open Road’ – Exhibition by Road Studio Artists

Until Sunday 20 December 2015. Following the success of gallery launch event “Open Road”, the artists of Road Studios are extending the first ever Roadworks exhibition until Sunday 20th December

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