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Review: WHITEOUT, Barrowlands Ballet. LEAP Dance Festival 2017

WHITEOUT, Barrowlands Ballet. LEAP Dance Festival 2017 Make. Liverpool, 4th March 2017 Words by Moira Leonard LEAP Dance Festival is keen to engage, inspire and create discussion,...

Review: Art at the Heart of Bluecoat

Art at the Heart of Bluecoat Bluecoat, 28th January - 9th April 2017 Words and Photographs by Moira Leonard Bluecoat begin their year-long 300th birthday celebrations...

Review: DaDaFest: Alba by Jo Bannon

DaDaFest: Alba by Jo Bannon Bluecoat, 19th November 2016 Words, Jessica Greenall A minimal set becomes the site of numerous ethereal images in Jo Bannon’s visual poem,...

Review: Collaboration: Out of the Blue, the story so far

Collaboration: Out of the Blue, the story so far Bluecoat Words, Shaneka Williams Collaborative practice in art is nothing new. During the renaissance, masters and apprentices...

Review: Can I Start Again Please, DaDaFest at Unity Theatre

Review: Can I Start Again Please Unity Theatre, part of DaDaFest 2016 Words, Melissa Dowell Can I Start Again was performed at Unity Theatre as part of...

Review: Steve Reich & Bill Morrison, Different Trains Live

Different Trains Live Metal Liverpool, 15th September-15th October 2016 Review, Ilona Walker Pictures, Mark McNulty On Thursday 28th October, Metal Liverpool was host to Steve Reich’s Grammy-award winning...

Review: Relics: The Independent thread coming to a venue near you

Exhibition Relics: The Independent thread coming to a venue near you. Tate Liverpool, 3rd-18th September 2016 Words, Deborah Laing The subject of Greece seems to have taken hold of...

Review: Captured Moments at Road Studios

Captured Moments was a treasured moment in itself, when Liverpool’s Road Studios opened its doors on 22nd July 2016 for the first Episode of the Road Studios Box Set.

Review: Scouse Style: Alternative Guide to Liverpool

Scouse Style: Alternative Guide to Liverpool SWAP: UK/Ukraine artist residency programme Words by Patrick Kirk-Smith While I can’t advocate SWAP’s alternative guide to Liverpool as a genuinely...

Review: Liverpool Inspiration: A Photography Exhibition by David Lydiate

Having a look around Liverpool Town Hall is a unique opportunity in itself. So while you're looking around have a look up the grand stairs to see David's fantastic work and donate some spare change.

Review: Lucy Beech, Pharmakon at FACT

The overall command of this project has led to an inspiring interdisciplinary study of a very modern issue.

Tour: Liverpool Biennial 2016: Public Works, an unofficial guide

Art in Liverpool’s highlights and a suggested tour of how to get around them in one day. And while I’m aiming to tell you about public spaces, one or two other things might slip in, like the Oratory, which do, strictly, have a roof on their heads.

Review: The Oratory: Liverpool Biennial 2016

The Oratory: Liverpool Biennial 2016 The Oratory Words by Patrick Kirk-Smith The Oratory, is probably best known as the little building outside the Anglican Cathedral, and second...

Review: AEROSOL at dot-art

There’s a crack in everything and that’s how the light gets in, and so it was on a rainy July day that I visited the Dot Art Gallery to be greeted by a splash of sunlight in the form of AEROSOL

Review: basement present, ‘basements connected’

Take any basement, they’re never simple things, with rooms to the left or the right, and supporting walls you never knew your house even needed. It’s hardly a layout a curator would ordinarily jump at, but its success is in its flaws, allowing artists with little in common to exhibit with each other

Review: Summer Arts Market at St George’s Hall

People will always justify a reason not to; ‘perhaps next time’ or ‘when I have a bit more money’. So, in these times of economic austerity, it’s all power to any artist to create their work and actually move people to put their hands in their pockets and buy.

Review: Sketchsperiment at Road Studios for Light Night

Using the exquisite corpse game to bring the talents of their studio holders together, as well as utilising the power of Twitter to engage directly with visitors, meant that the studio culture here, on the top floor of the Crown Buildings on Victoria Street, was alive and kicking before, during and after its Light Night event.

Review: 1 Minute: Vol. 3-9 at A Small Cinema for Light Night

There are few more promising introductions to a space than being forced to sit on the floor. Small Cinema Liverpool delivered exactly that for Light Night 2016. So busy, so popular, so quick and so quirky that the public seemed to have flocked there.

Review: Ella Kruglyanskaya: Methods of Display at Tate Liverpool

Ella Kruglyanskaya curates an exhibition of past work, alongside work that the Tate Liverpool’s Assistant Curator, Stephanie Straine, describes as being “wet on the canvas on its way here.” And for a retrospective of a living artist to manifest itself like this, surely must supply ideas for the future. In that sense, or that tense, this show is the key study that answers the question posed by Francesco Manacorda, “Why paint?”

Review: Omphalos at Invisible Wind Factory

Light, percussion, kinesthesis, surreal wardrobes, war paint and fire were just some of the elements that kept on building intensity. By the end of it my mind was on the brink of falling to pieces; I’m still not sure if it that’s good or bad.

Review: Maria Lassnig at Tate Liverpool

The retrospective exhibition spans over seventy years of the artist’s life and career, but is far from chronological. It picks on certain series of work that might not be a perfect representation of her career, but definitely shows the politics of her work at its best.

Review: Afro Supa Hero at International Slavery Museum

To mark the 50th year or Barbados’s independence, and to celebrate his 50th birthday year, artist and collector, Jon Daniel proposed a truly cross cultural exhibition that merges black history and comic book fandom. He’s even managed to work a little local history in too.
Colour Fall - Arena, photo by artinliverpool

Review: Liverpool Light Night 2016

On Friday Night, Liverpool stayed open and filled itself with art, music, theatre and basically anything else you can name.... the number of people filling the streets with the sole intention of 'doing something different' was inspiring. When there’s something to see, Liverpool never seems to fail to take a good hard look.
They Were My Landscape © Phoebe Kiely, 2015

Review: Open 2: Pieces of You at Open Eye Gallery

If you think you know photography, this exhibition will make you spin on your heels and look again, with a combination of curatorial play and introverted enquiry.
The Mandolinas and Francis Bacon & Mars. Gwilym Hughes at Editions Ltd

Review: Gwilym Hughes & Fred Jones at Editions Ltd

Hughes and Jones’ prints and etchings displayed in the intimate gallery on Cook Street are brilliantly accomplished pieces of print work that stand out as very finished indeed, and more worthy than the vast majority of painting to adorn a gallery wall.
unfold by Ryoichi Kurokawa, at FACT, 2016. Photo by Brian Slater

Review: unfold by Ryoichi Kurokawa at FACT

Ryoichi Kurokawa’s film, unfold, at FACT is one of the most immersive, experiential pieces of theatre I have ever had the good fortune to see. It was one of the most serene, and least serene experiences of my life.
Straddling The Fence - LJMU Fine Art MA Interim Show at the Bridewell

Review: Straddling The Fence at The Bridewell

LJMU’s MA Fine Art students present an odd an enticing selection of work that, more than anything, makes you want to know more. A student body that is more connected with the art world outside their own studios than any group I’ve come across for years.
Emma Brown – What’s Holding Me Back?

Review: What’s Holding Me Back? By Emma Brown

Words by Kirsten Hawkins. An exhibition of process rather than finality, she has used this exhibition as a voyage of self-discovery, attempting work processes inspired by participants’ answers to two important questions: • What type of obstacles do you feel you come up against when making work? • What habits or processes have you adopted to overcome these creative blocks?

Review: Reel Stories at Museum of Liverpool

In this exhibition, with an exciting events schedule and addictive compilation of trivia facts, you can expect to be reminded of some of your favourite films, and discover one or two more to put on that list.
Catherine Harrison - Infinity Emblem (Detail)

Featured Artist: Catherine Harrison

"I have always been interested in decay and using the rust as a material, to print, draw or paint with. Rust is like a disease that eventually disintegrates the object, and using it as a tool – this somehow creates a lasting memory of it."
Art Gym at Tate Liverpool

Review: Art Gym at Tate Liverpool

It almost seems festival like in its entirety, which I think is a good thing. With something for almost everyone, from complete beginners to practising artists with no limitations on age whatsoever.
Translating the Street- Frank Cavanagh Shoe Repairs

Review: Translating The Street – Alternator Studios & Oxton Road Shops

Oxton Road takes a great deal of translating, and when you put Haleh Jamali, Jeff Young and Harold Offeh in three of the most wonderfully independent shops in Merseyside, the results will be, by the very nature of the question, completely unpredictable.
SOUP Collective postcards at Roadworks

Review: Postcard Auction: Soup Collective at Roadworks

As the name implies this is a mixed collective, and the exhibition hasn’t strayed far from the mark, taking the visitor on a very short journey of theme and technique, both experimental and established.
NAWKI (Not As We Know It) at MUESLI

Featured Artist interview with Meg Brain & Mia Cathcart of MUESLI

The artists who run MUESLI, Meg Brain, Mia Cathcart and Zoë Coogan, all have their own individual practices outside of this, but have formed a bond that is always apparent when talking to groups that mean what they say.
Strange Attractors by Naive John

Featured Artist: Naive John

Naive John and his latest work - Strange Attractors. "If you could see the fineness with which the lines are created, and the science which helps decide the colouring in person, you would understand the level of skill here."

Review: Blind Date: (it’s all) Tropical at The Royal Standard

A candid look at collaboration, taking three very personal group experiences and shoving them in to one small space, and exhibits a trilogy of incredibly different responses.
Ob_ject and Ob_serve at A Small View. Photo by Edgar Zanella

Review: Ob_ject and Ob_serve at A Small View

Ob_ject and Ob_serve introduces us to a very particular perspective on what a non-anthropocentric world would be able to engage with, which is an incredibly approachable question, generously shared.
Clare Flinn at Editions Ltd

Review: Cityscape to Landscape: Clare Flinn at Editions Ltd

This is a fantastic choice for Editions to open 2016 with. Taking an artist who has always had a place there and giving them the exhibition they deserve. If it was crucial to choose an audience for this... who really stops and looks; at art; at their city; at the sky.
dot art Gallery

Review: ‘Dear Liverpool’ Exhibition at dot-art

This new gallery has the potential to be a truly interesting setting for these artists based in Liverpool to explore their practice with all the support they need, and that shows in this introduction.
William Holman Hunt (1827–1910) Il Dolce Far Niente, 1859–66, retouched 1874–5

Review: Pre-Raphaelites: Beauty and Rebellion at The Walker Art Gallery

"In many ways this was the movement that began holding both artists and critics to account over arguments of the tastes and functions surrounding visual art. This exhibition is both a review of that movement, and a new approach to connecting their history to relative developments in the North West."

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