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Jad Fair: Automatic Vaudeville at Red Wire

I really like these black and white paper-cutting artworks by Jad Fair. So much so, in fact, I even bought one and can't wait to...

Jad Fair at Red Wire. Friday 28 Aug 09

Looking forward to the Jad Fair Private View at Red Wire tomorrow night, should be good. Jad Fair : Automatic Vaudeville 29 August – 13 September...

Locusts on a Stick – Apocalypse Now at Red Wire

Well the Bluecoat had a Magician and a Poet at their Private View but Red Wire had deep-fried locusts on sticks and Zombie...

Artwork of the Week – Michelle Lord

Liverpool artwork of the week 2009-29. 'Future Ruins' by Michelle Lord in 'Apocalypse Now' at Red Wire 28 July - 8 August 2009 A really...

Red Wire Blog

I'm enjoying following the newish Red Wire blog. They have an exciting exhibition called 'Apocalypse Now' opening on 24 July 2009 and are featuring...

Pencil It In at Red Wire

Temple by Gabriel Stones Another exhibition that you may have missed as it was for one night only last Friday. It was a good show...

Pencil It In at Red Wire

Pencil It In We really hope you can join us for a great mix of drawing styles this Friday at Red Wire. Pencil it in features...

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