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Review: Contrast Mural Festival

Contrast Mural Festival Words, Joanie Magill It couldn’t have been a better week for the Contrast Mural Festival. The sun beat down on the streets in...

Docklands transformation to creativity district takes step closer

DOCKLANDS TRANSFORMATION TO CREATIVITY DISTRICT TAKES STEP CLOSER The dramatic transformation of 125 acres of former docklands into a “creativity district” as part of a...

Make. Liverpool, Desk Residency


Review: COAL, Gary Clarke Company, LEAP Dance Festival 2017

COAL, Gary Clarke Company LEAP Dance Festival 2017 Words (and ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪) by Moira Leonard LEAP Dance Festival 2017, opened with a powerful performance...

UK’s first revolving theatre for Liverpool’s new creative district

UK’S FIRST REVOLVING THEATRE FOR LIVERPOOL’S NEW CREATIVE DISTRICT A major performance venue, with a revolving auditorium, will be at the heart of regeneration plans...

Feature: Make Liverpool

Make Liverpool Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith You’ve heard of Kickstarter right? Well sometimes money just isn’t the right thing to ask for. Make Liverpool’s move to their new...

Hidden Gems Feature: What’s Up Dock?

In November 2015 the Kazimier decided to put on their own event in the space, named the Invisible Wind Factory, and since then eyes have been turning towards the North Docks.

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