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Review: Aleksandra Mir: Space Tapestry, Tate Liverpool

Aleksandra Mir: Space Tapestry Tate Liverpool, until 15th October Words, Julia Johnson (Messy Lines) Space: The Final Frontier. As science and technology erode the mysteries of the...

Review: Public View at Bluecoat: Why it Matters

Public View at Bluecoat, until 23rd April Words, Julia Johnson, Messy Lines Happy birthday Bluecoat. 300 is quite an age to reach: it makes it the oldest...

Review: Utopia Deferred at Corke Gallery

Utopia Deferred Corke Gallery, until 9th September 2016 Words, Julia Johnson, Messy Lines Look at any great human civilization and you can’t help but notice that people...
Di-Andre C. Davies, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner V2, courtesy the artist

Review: Di-Andre Caprice Davies and Leasho Johnson, Jamaican Pulse at Bluecoat

When it comes to Jamaican visual art, our understanding is more limited. Most of what we are familiar with as Jamaican visual culture comes from album covers or postcards. Why don’t we know about what’s going on in the studios, or on the streets?

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