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Mankey Monkeys raise over £7,000 at auction

Well done those Mankey Monkey people, it's been good fun. What next I wonder? Mankey Monkeys raise over £7,000 at auction, with more to come! The...

Video: Mankey Monkeys Prepare for Auction

Many of the 101 Mankey Monkeys arrived at Sefton Park Palm House this morning in preparation for the grand charity auction on Thursday. They...

Mankey Monkey Charity Auction – Thursday 29 Apr 2010

CELEBRITY MONKEY BUSINESS AT THE SEFTON PARK PALM HOUSE Thursday 29 April 2010 The evening starts with a complimentary drinks reception from 6.30pm before our hosts...

Mankey Monkey Map is now Available

Mankey Monkey Map, Mankey Monkey. Here it is! - Download Your Monkey Map Now! Download it, save it, print it! Then go hunting all 101 Mankey Monkeys!...

Beatles Mankey Monkeys Go On Show at Blakes

The Mankey Monkeys are now complete and being distributed around the city. Some of the first to go on display are the Beatles monkeys looking...

A Mass of Mankey Monkeys to be Released Soon

We called into Mankey Monkey HQ (Hanover St) today and its looking amazing. So many strange looking monkeys, still many to be completed and...

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