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Review: Presence: A Window into Chinese Contemporary Art

Review: Presence: A Window into Chinese Contemporary Art at St George’s Hall, until 3rd June Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Over the road from Terracotta Warriors at World Museum is...

Review: Terracotta Warriors

Review: Terracotta Warriors at World Museum until October Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith For an exhibition of stunningly beautiful craft, it’s surprising how much of the history behind the...

Contemporary Chinese Art Collection comes to Liverpool

THE very best of Chinese contemporary art will be on display in Liverpool, just steps away from the most significant exhibition ever to come...

Liverpool leads on questioning the Future World of Work

With studies suggesting that in 20 years’ time, half the jobs in the region may no longer exist. In 2018 the future of work...

Olivier Grossetête to ressurect Liverpool’s Lost Castles in 2018

Olivier Grossetête , a French artist internationally renowned for creating extraordinary structures out of cardboard, will visit Liverpool in August 2018 to recreate some of the...

Liverpool 2018 – Ten Years in the Making

Final plans are being put in place for Liverpool to stage an ambitious and forward looking culture programme to mark the tenth anniversary of...

Liverpool 2018 Brand Reveal: First Impressions

Liverpool 2018 Brand Reveal: First Impressions The morning of Friday 4th November was no typical Friday morning – this was the day St George’s Hall...

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