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20 Stories High will bring theatre into L8 homes for unique Sgt Pepper event

Tickets on sale for unique, 20 Stories High, Sgt Pepper event Tickets have gone on sale for a unique event which will literally bring the...

Featured Artist: Nina Edge, Nothing Welsh Streets

Nina Edge sheds a little light on what made Bluecoat so important to her, and explains how it enables potential.

Review: The Royal Standard & Northern Lights: Liverpool’s newest creative destination

The Royal Standard & Northern Lights: Liverpool’s newest creative destination Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Cains Brewery Village might be a fancy thing to call old storage sheds,...

Feature: Coming Home, working on Liverpool

I met with two of the most influential members of those projects last week, to talk about their new collaboration, Coming Home.

Review: Nina Edge, Contravision

You’d be robbing yourself of the history surrounding the Biennial venues if you didn’t walk down Kelvin Grove for Nina Edge’s Contravision.

Review: basement present, ‘basements connected’

Take any basement, they’re never simple things, with rooms to the left or the right, and supporting walls you never knew your house even needed. It’s hardly a layout a curator would ordinarily jump at, but its success is in its flaws, allowing artists with little in common to exhibit with each other

Review: Aftermath Dislocation Principle, Jimmy Cauty

A simple celebration of the tiny significance that this history has now, using tiny people and tiny lights. There’s nothing closer to the truth of what the 80s is now than that word: history.

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