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Review: Coming Out: Art and Culture 1967-2017

Coming Out: Art and Culture 1967-2017 Walker Art Gallery, until 5th November 2017 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Coming Out made me really uncomfortable in parts. But so does...
John Walter and his Pug Virus at Walker Art Gallery c. National Museums Liverpool

Featured Artist: John Walter

Pug Virus is probably Liverpool’s most outward public display for Homotopia, and we’ve been lucky enough to pick the brain of the artist behind it, John Walter – however lacking REM sleep he might have been at the time.
Alien Sex Club. John Walter

Review: Alien Sex Club – John Walter at Camp & Furnace

Camp & Furnace is host to Alien Sex Club, an immersive installation into a world of misconceptions and cultural satire. At times, the exhibition comes on a little strong for the faint hearted, but it serves to deliver a strong message.

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